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What is Halotherapy?


Halotherapy, aka Salt Therapy, dates to the 1800’s from salt mines and caves in Eastern Europe.  Considering that mining jobs were usually recognized as dangerous to life and health, salt miners seemed to thrive in good health. The micronized salt particles distributed in the air led to fewer if any, respiratory issues and an overall more youthful appearance to their skin.

During the mid-1900’s a few European Doctors created the first allergy treatment spas that replicated the salt mine environment and began treating patients regularly with sessions to help relieve allergy and respiratory conditions.  In search of a more convenient options to offer the procedure the first Halotherapy device was created, which replicated the grinding and crushing of the salt particles to then be dispersed into the air.  In mid 1990 Halotherapy became accessible to other parts of the world and was recognized in the wellness community as a holistic treatment.

Dry Salt Therapy, also known as Halotherapy, is natural and safe and there are no harmful side effects. Halotherapy is very beneficial for overall wellness by removing the toxicity from the respiratory system, improving the function and appearance of the skin, and boosting the immune system. Salt therapy has also been known to reduce stress, and aid better overall sleep.  Reducing general inflammation within the body and the entire respiratory tract to widen the airway passage, Halotherapy is a method to cleanse and detox the lungs.  Regular Halotherapy practice is an excellent way to aid breathing and improve your quality of life, as well as invigorate the entire body with increased lung capacity and oxygen intake.

Our skin is the largest organ, and like the respiratory system, it has a major role to protect and defend the body against bacteria, viruses, and other germs. As we age, our skin is the first organ to show the impact of time and life. Dry salt therapy is an excellent solution to improve the overall quality and appearance of the skin. Consistent Halotherapy sessions can be the most important tool that aids the healthy aging process of the skin.  The dry salt provides pH balance and signals reparative and regenerative processes at the cellular level and stimulates growth and microcirculation.

Skin conditions known to have improvement with consistent Halotherapy sessions:

  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Dermatitis
  • Dry & Flaky Skin
  • Acne
  • Rashes
  • Rosacea
  • Skin Aging

A few years ago, there were just a handful of facilities offering Halotherapy throughout the United States and Canada.  The industry is rapidly growing, it is becoming more known for the valuable benefits dry salt therapy provides to people, from young to old, as a safe, effective and alternative way of being well.