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Say goodbye to those glabellar lines (the frown lines between your eyebrows). Dysport® is a botulinum toxin treatment – a neuromodulator designed with sunken lines in mind. It is a neurotoxic protein that relaxes muscles in areas that cause facial folds and, over time, become age-exposing. It smooths severe wrinkles across your forehead, tackles crow’s feet, and wrinkles disappear like magic. And all of this can be achieved without changing the movements of your face.


Within 48 hours of your treatment at HALO salt. skin. spa. in Carrollwood, you will start to see results with the peak result in two weeks. According to a multicenter study observed by Dysport® that spanned 4 Western European countries (France, Germany, Spain, and the UK), 97% of women say they would confidently turn to Dysport® again for their cosmetic needs.


First things first, we will assess some important details, like your areas of concern, if you have had any past dermal treatments, ensuring your skin is suitable for this therapy, and of course, your facial anatomy. All of this will be discussed during your complimentary consultation.

In order to make sure you are completely comfortable and relaxed, we always offer a numbing cream, allowing appropriate time for it to take effect. Then we move on to the brief and straightforward treatment performed by one of our skilled and highly trained providers. Most patients find numbing cream unnecessary for injectables as it is generally just a quick pinch.

Once we have worked together to expertly craft and safely carry out your ideal treatment plan, a 2-week follow-up is recommended to be scheduled to ensure you have the results you desire.


Lifestyle choices impact the longevity of all injectables. Dysport generally lasts the longest of the neurotoxins at about 5-6 months, while Botox lasts for 3-4 months on average, making Dysport a top choice for patients and practitioners..

YOU ARE SAFE WITH HALO salt. skin. spa.

Not only is your comfort our main priority, but so is your safety. Dysport® injections have an excellent clinical record and are FDA-approved for the treatment of wrinkles (and also painful conditions known as cervical dystonia and limb spasticity). Not to mention, it’s approved in 69 countries with 25 years of clinical experience worldwide. In addition to that, you are overwhelmingly safe when in the hands of our highly trained aestheticians.

Don’t worry about looking “done.” Our aesthetic injectors are armored with years of education and experience and are driven by the goal of helping you enhance your natural beauty. We prefer a conservative cosmetic avenue of facial rejuvenation, avoiding the overuse of injectables by using customized approaches best suited to meet your individual needs.


  • What should I do before a Dysport® treatment?

Remember to schedule your treatment at least 2 weeks before any special occasion you may have coming up. You’ll want peak results and for any minor swelling or bruising to have completely subsided. We can explore more details about this during your consultation appointment.

  • What should I do after my treatment?

Give yourself time for the Dysport to take full effect, and wait a couple of weeks before doing any other dermal therapies. Also, remember to mind your sleeping positions to avoid putting pressure on the injection sight.

  • What’s the cost of a Dysport® injection?

Similar to how results may vary from patient to patient, so does the cost of treatment. Upon our consultation together, our experts will help customize a cosmetic therapy plan that’s just right for you and meets all of your needs.

  • How can I help results last as long as possible?

Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, and remember your sunscreen. Try to steer clear of stressors, and treat your skin with love and care in between treatments. Don’t wait too long (like when your wrinkles start showing up again) to maintain your results.

  • Is Dysport® a filler?

No, fillers are sugary gels that create something called hyaluronic acid, that “fills” the area to eliminate the wrinkle while neuromodulators like Dysport® are neurotoxic proteins the relax the wrinkles. Both achieve a similar goal of smoothing out wrinkles, but this is accomplished in different ways using different methods. However, combination therapies are common, where both are used to attain perfect results.

If you have any questions, we would love to schedule a complimentary Dysport® consultation with your filler appointment!