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Experience Relaxation and Rejuvenation with the Best Massage in Tampa

When you spend your days conquering everything life throws at you, taking on stress and battling fatigue come with the territory. Yet, without adequate self-care, your physical and mental health will suffer. When you need relaxation and relief from chronic aches and pains, there’s no better therapy than a quality massage aligned with your specific needs.
For the best massage in Tampa, look no further than Halo. salt. skin. spa, where we offer a range of massages that relieve stress, melt away pain, and help you feel your best.

Our Top Signature Massages

Seeking relief from tension and the aches and pains that build up from life’s daily demands? Our top signature massages are designed to fit into your schedule and target your specific needs. Whether you’re searching for tranquility, pain relief, or rejuvenation, we offer massages that exceed your expectations and leave you feeling your best.


Duration: 50 / 80 min

Achieve true relaxation with a massage designed to slow your heart and breathing rate, lower your blood pressure, and decrease your production of stress hormones. 

The stress relief massage combines a gentle treatment of slow, sweeping strokes with a calming blend of organic essential oils known for stress-relieving benefits and uplifting properties.

Choose from a 50- or 80-minute session where our therapists melt away your stress and put your body into a relaxation response state that allows your muscles to truly relax and your body to rejuvenate.


Duration: 50 / 80 min

When you suffer from chronic pain and elevated stress, the CBD massage offers a perfect escape to soothe your mind, body, and soul.

Your journey to complete relaxation begins with a cup of CBD tea to calm your mind and body. CBD oil is applied during your massage to reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

Choose from a 50- or 80-minute session to experience a massage that alleviates aches and pains while relaxing your mind and refreshing your soul.


Duration: 50 / 80 min

Stress, injuries, and health conditions can lead to joint and muscular pain that impacts your everyday life. A hot stone massage warms the body and concentrates massage therapy to melt your pain away. 

During your hot stone massage ritual, your therapist strategically places heated river stones to warm the body while systematically massaging muscles. Concentration on specific areas of chronic discomfort helps disperse deep congestion to decompress tight, stiff muscles and relieve chronic pain. By combining the two therapies and targeting trouble areas during a 50- or 80-minute session, your pain and tension drifts away.

Deep Tissue

Duration: 50 / 80 min

Address deep muscle tension and chronic aches throughout your body with a targeted deep tissue massage. 

A deep tissue massage goes beyond the gentle strokes of relaxation to apply slow, deep, and firm pressure that focuses on the source of your chronic pain or muscle tension. Deep tissue massage can target trouble areas, sending relaxation into specific areas of muscle and fascia to help you feel your best.

Choose from a 50- or 80-minute session to achieve the deep relaxation that will address your individual needs.


Stress Relief Massage

How does a massage work to relieve stress?
Systematic strokes, kneading, and other frictional techniques work to relax the body and lower elevated heart and blood pressure levels. A proven blend of organic oils enhances the effect by relieving stress and uplifting your spirit. 

Who is the stress relief massage best for?
The stress relief massage is one of our most popular massages for a regular massage session. It increases circulation and can be combined with joint movement to improve range of motion and relieve muscle tension. It’s best for individuals who aren’t seeking targeted therapy.

Chill CBD Massage

Can I drive after drinking CBD tea?
CBD tea doesn’t contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and therefore doesn’t create the “high” associated with cannabis use. The most common effects of CBD include reduced anxiety and mild drowsiness.

Why do you recommend a CBD massage?
A CBD massage is ideal for those who suffer from elevated anxiety and tension or people who suffer from chronic pain. The cannabinoids in CBD oil help to relieve mental and physical tension while also reducing inflammation and soothing muscles.

Hot Stone Massage

Can the hot stones burn your skin?
Our licensed massage therapists take great care to ensure you won’t get burned or even feel discomfort from the heat of the stones. Stones are safely heated and temperature tested to ensure they don’t get too hot. Your intake will also include various questions to gauge the right warmth level for your needs. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, the stones can be removed immediately.

How does heat improve the results of a massage?
Heat improves blood flow to specific areas, helping to relax muscles and enhance the effects of massage techniques. It can also increase flexibility and reduce muscle spasms.

Deep Tissue Massage

When is deep tissue massage recommended?
Since it targets deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, deep tissue massage is often suited for people recovering from muscle damage after an injury or those with chronic muscular tension. However, it may be ideal in certain situations to target a lasting issue unrelated to injury. 

Does a deep tissue massage hurt?
Since a deep tissue massage requires firm pressure, it’s common to feel some level of discomfort during the process. However, you shouldn’t feel that the pressure is intolerable. It’s also common to feel minor soreness in the days following a deep tissue massage, especially if you’re new to the treatment.

Achieve Relaxation and Rejuvenation with Halo Massages

Massage therapy shouldn’t be considered an opulent luxury. It’s actually one of the oldest healthcare and wellness practices known to man. You deserve a moment of sanctuary where stress melts away, and your chronic aches become a distant memory. Halo salt. skin. spa provides an oasis where you can absorb the benefits or true relaxation our professional massage therapists provide. Contact us today to schedule your ideal massage, which is sure to rid your body of the tensions of everyday life.