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Treat yourself to a Little Rejuvenation and Relaxation at a Medical Wellness Spa

Treat yourself to a Little Rejuvenation and Relaxation at a Medical Wellness Spa

When you feel like pampering yourself, a visit to a spa is all you need. It will help you to relax your body and mind. There is an end number of services offered at a spa. However, they will differ depending on the type of spa you visit. Most people frequent day spas and have never been to a medical wellness spa. According to the International Spa Association, only 12% of Americans who visit a day spa also visit a medical wellness spa. You will receive treatments like massage, facials, cosmetic skin care, etc. at a medical wellness spa and a healthcare professional will be available at all times to supervise the procedures. They are experts experienced and trained in providing treatment and wellness facilities that will completely rejuvenate you. Although all medical wellness spas do not provide the same services, here are a few common services that all reputed medical wellness spas like HALO salt. skin. spa. offer: 


Botox is an injection treatment. The process involves injecting botox directly into the skin. This is because botox prevents muscle contraction that can cause wrinkles by blocking the communication of neurons. As a result, your skin stays tight and wrinkle-free. If you are visiting any reputed medical wellness spa like the Halo salt. skin. spa, the treatment will not take more than 15 to 30 minutes. Also, you can return to your daily life the next day without any complications. The results will last around 3 to 4 months. The cost may vary depending on your requirements but the price per unit is around $12 to $15 at any renowned medical wellness spa. 

Dermal Fillers

The filler used in the process can be made of various things but Halo salt. skin. spa uses only hyaluronic acid. This is because hyaluronic acid is a gooey, slippery substance naturally produced by your body and provides volume to the skin. You can opt for this procedure if you want to add volume to any part of your face like your lips, cheeks, jawline, chin, and under eyes. It is a simple non-invasive process and allows you to return to your daily life the next day. Also, you only need 30 to 60 minutes for this procedure. World-class medical wellness spas like HALO salt. skin. spa. apply a topical numbing cream as well to reduce pain and discomfort. The results can last around 9 to 24 months. 


If you are worried about fine lines and wrinkles on your skin, you can consider hydraneedling. This procedure is minimally invasive and makes your skin feel completely rejuvenated. Besides hydrating and brightening your skin, there are many other benefits of this procedure as well like moisturizing, achieving an even skin tone, etc. This procedure can cost you $350 to $400 at reputable medical wellness spas.


Microneedling is known as collagen therapy. This cosmetic treatment increases the production of collagen and elastin in the body and improves your skin texture. One of the biggest benefits of this procedure is that it heals scars. Also, people with wrinkles, clogged pores, and uneven skin tone can benefit. The damage caused to the tissue during the process jumpstarts your body’s natural healing abilities and rejuvenates the skin faster. The cost varies depending on your skin goals.


A facial will exfoliate your skin, remove all impurities, and get rid of dead skin. This skin care treatment is performed in salons, day spas, and medical wellness spas. Its procedure may vary depending on the person performing the facial. While some offer packages that include only steaming, exfoliation, and extraction, high-end medical spas like HALO salt. skin. spa. offer advanced services like hydrafacial. The cost varies depending on the package you choose.


Very few procedures can be as relaxing as massage therapy. This treatment is one of the most popular options you will find in almost all medical wellness spas. It involves kneading, stroking, warming, and pressing the skin and muscles. There are many different types of massages. They are performed differently and can help to reduce pain, relax the mind and body, and also overcome various physical health conditions. Besides relaxing your body, it can have a positive impact on your mind as well. The cost for this treatment depends on the type of massage you choose and the duration. 


Completely relax your body and mind with the wellness treatment. There are two different wellness experiences you can choose from. Halotherapy is also known as salt therapy and makes you feel like there is salty sea air around you. Its benefits involve improving your mood, immune system, skin conditions, etc. The price can be between $50 to $70. The other procedure is IV therapy. It brings back the skin glow, hydrates you, and boosts the immune system. Also, problems like headaches or fatigue after a hangover can be avoided. The procedure impacts your mental health as well. You will be able to concentrate for long hours. It can cost you around $150.


Looking for better options than waxing to remove body hair? Sugaring is the best solution. This procedure is an all-natural approach to removing hair. Unlike regular waxing, skin-damaging chemicals are not used in the treatment. Instead, only sugar, lemon, and water are used. This procedure is preferred over traditional waxing because it does not irritate the skin and provides long-lasting results. Its starting price is around $15 to $20 and the overall cost is determined by the area covered.

Chemical Peel 

The top layer of the skin starts appearing dull because of exposure to sun and dust. To bring back the skin glow, you can choose the chemical peel treatment. The procedure involves applying a chemical solution to the skin and removing the damaged top layers. As a result, your skin feels smoother and brighter. You can get rid of wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and scars as well. The cost depends on the type of chemical peel you choose.

If you are in need of some true TLC, visit HALO salt. skin. spa. in Tampa, FL, to experience one or many of the pampering body and skin care treatments offered.  Our wellness medical spa focuses on your beauty from the inside out.